We are the sustainable leader of local. 

Innovation and storytelling are critical to our mission. As the new newspaper, we are hyperlocal, opinion-free, multimedia and profitable.

Our Story

Restoring Local in A Shifting Media landscape

In a shifting media landscape where consolidation is the norm and local publications or radio stations are increasingly scarce, Local Voice fills the community need for local, trustworthy news and information.

In 1996, the Telecommunications Act allowed for one company to own multiple radio stations in one community.  National companies bought up most radio stations serving small and medium communities and placed them under one corporate roof in larger cities nearby.

Traditional newspapers followed suit, with local ownership replaced by companies that consolidated in large cities. Over time, they have been replaced by national digital news models with minimal quality local content.

The result was the loss of a local center for news, information and community dialogue.

Dedicated to returning local service to vibrant communities abandoned after 1996, Local Voice began by buying radio stations. Our stations broadcast handpicked playlists tailored for our individual communities and deliver timely, local information to our listeners.

In 2008, Local Voice began publishing local digital newspapers to fill the community need for local, trustworthy news and information. Our editors and reporters quickly differentiated our content by chasing stories that would otherwise go untold.

Moving beyond traditional engagement strategies, our publications connect with their audience through multimedia, whether photography, audio, video or data.

By combining the strengths of digital and radio assets, Local Voice has built a model that is more efficient to operate, restores the connection between the people in the community and is sustainable in its value to local residents and business owners.


Branded content

Inspired sponsored stories produced by our in-house team are central to our advertising model. 


Local Voice operates in three markets: Wilmington, N.C., Williamsburg, Va. and Virginia Beach, Va. 


A team of experts in digital engagement, broadcast programming and marketing lead and support the Local Voice team.