Our Channels

Local Voice Radio

Our local radio stations provide handpicked music unavailable on any other station in each market, relevant and essential news updates from our online newspapers, and serve as the audio center of what is important to the residents of each community it serves.

Local Voice Daily

Our online daily newspapers provide factually sourced, accurate and editorial-free content, 100% local, 100% created by us and 100% trustworthy. News delivered without an agenda yields trust from its consumers.

Local Voice Daily Newsletter

Every day, our online newspapers send out a daily headlines email to thousands of local residents, giving them a jump start on news about their community they can’t find anywhere else. Mobile optimized and easily linking to the full story, the Local Voice Daily Newsletter has become as essential as coffee and a shower in homes throughout our markets.

Local Voice Save30

Our e-commerce channel has been providing virtually restriction-free gift certificates to local consumers at a 30% discount since 1998. Save30 promotes shopping local, provides a cost-effective channel for local business to promote and advertise while rewarding residents to visit their places of business.

Local Voice Retail Music Channels

Our in-store music services provide local businesses with customized, commercial-free music in their business space for a fraction of the cost of most other music services, providing better variety of music and the ability to customize in-store messages for their customers, all without having to pay additional music licensing fees.