October 2015 – Local Voice launches its fourth online newspaper, Southside Daily (southsidedaily.com), serving Virginia Beach, VA and the surrounding communities.

July 2015 – Jamie Paige joins the Local Voice Leadership team to head up digital content strategy.  Jamie is a content strategist at NBBL Savvy Solutions, founded the online Chippewa Valley Post and has worked extensively in the digital space for radio and television properties.

June 2015 – Local Voice digital readership for the first half of 2015 grows to 960,000 unique visitors and over 4 million pageviews.  The company is forecasting over 10 million pageviews in 2015. 

January 2015 – Dave Benson joins the Local Voice Leadership Team as Vice President of Radio Channels.  “Benson” is nationally acclaimed for his leadership in the success of KBCO, Denver, KFOG, San Francisco and the Mountain, Seattle.   

December 2014 – Local Voice total digital readership grows to 1.765 million unique visitors and 8.75 million page views, a 75% increase over 2013. 

September 2014 – Local Voice total newspaper readership crosses 1.3 million unique visitors and 6.7 million page views to finish the third quarter of 2014.  

September 2014 – Wilmington, North Carolina’s Port City Daily (PortCityDaily.com) celebrated its second anniversary with nearly 500,000 unique visitors and over 2.3 million page views, leaving the traditional print, Star News, far behind.  

September 2014 – In Columbia, South Carolina, Cola Daily (ColaDaily.com) rang in its first anniversary with over 375,000 unique visitors and 1.25 million page views.  Cola Daily has eclipsed the traditional print paper, The State, as the most trusted news source in South Carolina’s capital.

 July 2014 – Local Voice newspaper readership grows substantially through Q2.  Total digital readership for Local Voice news neared 1 million unique viewers in the first six months of 2014, the mark it achieved for the entire year of 2013.  Page views passed 4.6 million as more news readers cancelled their print newspaper subscriptions to take advantage of Local Voice’s more complete and free local news.

March 2014 – Significant growth of Local Voice digital newspapers resulted in Q1 readership of just over 500,000 unique visitors and very close to 2 million page views.  Traditional newspapers’ declining local news coverage, coupled with paywalls, which charge viewers for their online news, brought more readers to Local Voice newspapers, all of which are free.

January 2014 – Local Voice total newspaper coverage for 2013 reaches over 1 million unique visitors and 5 million page views.

September 2013 – Local Voice launches its third newspaper, Cola Daily (coladaily.com) in Columbia, SC.  The launch brings Columbia its first free daily source of local news.

September 2013 – Port City Daily, Local Voice’s Wilmington, NC newspaper, celebrates its first year of publication with compelling results, including 30,693 weekly readers (at least once per week), representing 91% of the daily print newspaper’s current circulation.

July 2013 – Local Voice enters into a purchase agreement for two radio stations in Virginia Beach, VA, with future plans to launch its fourth newspaper.

September 2012 – Local Voice launches its second newspaper, Port City Daily (portcitydaily.com) in Wilmington, NC.

December 2012 – Local Voice closes on the purchase of the two radio stations in Columbia, SC that it has been managing.  

June 2012 – WYDaily passes one million visits annually and has over 100,000 people who read the paper at least once per week, growing its market penetration to 69%.

May 2012 – Local Voice signs a contract to purchase two radio stations in Columbia, SC and takes over management of the market. Plans for launching the company’s third newspaper are put into action.

November 2011 – Local Voice signs a contract to purchase four radio stations in Wilmington, NC and takes over management of the market.  The company begins the process of transforming radio operations to replicate the success of its Williamsburg, VA beta program.

August 2011 – After beta testing the radio-digital model for three years, Local Voice begins plans for expansion, signing an investment agreement with Blue Heron Capital to begin acquiring more markets where the company can purchase radio stations and launch a local newspaper and digital products.

June 2011 – WYDaily completes year three of publishing, increasing its weekly readership (at least once per week) another 40% to 72,120.  Market penetration nears 50%.

June 2010 – WYDaily’s second anniversary marks a growth of over 100% in readership, including an expansion to 51,408 reading at least once per week.  WYDaily establishes itself as the dominant news voice in the market, with readership continuing to be driven only from its two local radio stations.

June 2009 – WYDaily celebrates its first year of publishing with over 73,000 unique readers and a weekly reader (at least once per week) total of 24,306.  The site’s sole source of marketing over this period was the company’s two local radio stations.

June 2008 – Local Voice launches its first radio-powered newspaper, Williamsburg Yorktown Daily (wydaily.com) in Williamsburg, VA.  The digital-only newspaper is profitable at the launch.